Thursday, 14 July 2016

With Janet and Bruce

I know I haven't blogged for some time now and I am behind with my news but life sails fast in this corner of the fact it is the middle of summer and there is so much to do. Mainly spend holidays in the best way we can as last summer had been dreadful with the operation I had and the problems at the beach house.
So we started our holidays with a trip to Skiathos about which I will blog later on.
And then we went to the beach house to clean up. It is quite difficult to clean up a house that hasn't been cleaned for a year but I am glad I did a thorough cleaning and it looks much better now.
And then it was time for friends to visit.This time it was Janet from the States who came to Greece with her husband Bruce and they added Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki in their itinerary to meet us.
It was a really short visit but we managed to do and see a lot.
Janet and I met online some years ago through the sea glass sites and when Themis and I visited the States we visited her as well. I am so glad Janet decided to pay us a visit too.
We took our friends from the airport directly to our beach house in Chalkidiki.
After some refreshments we went down the beach for some sea glassing and to see the sunset.

My idea was to give Janet all the pieces of sea glass I find and I must say it was one of those good days when you find a lot. I am so glad.
It was the night of the Euro final so we had pies (the leek pie was really appreciated) and TV. I supported France but Portugal won afterall. No problem!
The next day we went to Kallithea to see the view and buy some souvenirs.
Then to Afytos where we had refreshments and coffee at the most amazing balcony of Notos Bar.
Look at this view.
The Ethnological Museum was closed as it was a Monday.

We ended up having lunch at Argonaftes, the tavern we usually go which is really good and Barca friendly too.
Loutsos fish, gavros fish, octopus and squid was what we had and they were all delicious!
In the evening we spent some time at the beach seaglassing and then we went to the nearby Pomegranate Spa Hotel to see the fountain music show! They say it is one of the three there are in the world. I really don't know. But it is good!

Of course as no good things come alone we had some plumbing problems (yes again!) so the plumber came the next day. After he left (and no the problem wasn't solved ) we left for Thessaloniki!
First we walked our neighbourhood and guess what. We found an old bookshop where prices were really low.

Then we had lunch at Kati ap'ola.It was really good as usual.
We then went to the White Tower, hopped on the culture line bus and did the tour around the city just to see the sights!
Afterwards we hopped on Arabella the pirate boat and had coffee while tourng the bay!Marvellous views and the weather was so good!

We ended our evening at the sea front and the sunset again saying goodbye to our friends who left early the next morning!

It was so great to have Janet and Bruce here and we really enjoyed their company!Barca adored them too!

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Raku means enjoyment and it is a very old technique in ceramics.
Today we had the rare experience to do a Raku workshop with my ceramics class.
In fact we were students of all the years in the George Vavatsis ceramics workshop I have been attending this year.
The workshop took place at Nondas Tsigaros space at Kilkis and we enjoyed the hospitality of Nondas and his wife Zoumboulia. We really liked the place there.
We had the chance to see some of Nondas' work too.
 Very impressive!
 I had left this tealight candle holder for the raku session.
 There were many beautiful pieces ready to be glazed and enter the kiln.

 And at that point my piece was dropped and broke!Sigh!
 While waiting for the pieces to get out of the kiln we had a barbecue!
 It was delicious!
 The kiln was really hot!
 Then each piece was taken out and put in various materials and then in water.

 The results were impressive!

 My piece. I couldn't let it go so I will glue it!

 But I also brought home the rest of my pieces. Wall tiles, sea glass bowls,olive bowl, mushroom,mug.
 And last but not least my dragonfly vase!Isn't it gorgeous?
 It was a great year at the ceramics class. I learnt so much and really want to continue. We will see.
I would like to thank George Vavatsis and his assistants Ifigenia and Georgia for what they have taught me!It has been great fun!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


This is my last post in Our Beautiful World till September.
It is very difficult for me to blog from the beach house with restricted internet access.
This week's promt is
chosen by Kisrty of  Handmade Little Things.
I chose for this blogpost to show you the old beautiful pieces of African Art that were exhibited in Tellogleion Institute in March.
All the pieces are from the private collection of Anastasios Levendis who lived and worked in Western Africa.
Old works of art ...
...made of metal....
 old paintings.....

 pictures made of beads.....
 thousands of beads.....

 paintings made of threads......


 more metal sculpture....

But this horse was my favourite....
Why don't you join us with something old in Our Beautiful World?
Also Our Beautiful World is doing a DT call, so if you would like to join in see here.